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    RCSwitch for RF communication


      Anyone used the RCSwitch library with Galileo successfully? I was trying to get the receiver demo to work with a 433Mhz transmitter connected to a non-Galileo board and I don't see any activity. The transmitter is fine since I can receive the data on my receiver connected to the other board.

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          It looks like I might be the only one trying to enable this so far. I wonder if it is due to a known  issue (just noticed it in the release notes) with level interrupt handling. Sketch loads up fine but I don't see any activity on the serial monitor in the " if (mySwitch.available()) { " section which leads me to believe that pin2 (INT0) doesn't seem to detect anything.

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            Hello Trush,


            Thank you for your interest in the Intel® Galileo. At this moment I am escalating this question to get the information you need.  We will post the updates as soon as possible.


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              Greeting Trush,


              I have reviewed the RCSwitch library and I found that this third party library has not been validated for the Galileo board therefore it's not currently supported. However I will suggest you to contact the creator of this library Suat Özgür http://code.google.com/p/rc-switch/ to verify with him if he has plans to port the library to Galileo, but also I noticed that someone ported it to Raspberry PI, may be someone will do the same for Galileo in the near future, please visit this or further posts in the communities to get news about the same library or similar libraries.




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