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    Intel Matrix Storage - Raid 0 - Re-install a re-formatted old drive


      I was inherited an old Windows XP Home computer with 2 x 160GB drives in Raid-0 configuration with Intel Matrix Storage (Storage Console version  The controller is Intel 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller.  I am total new to RAID-0 on a PC, so please forgive me if I ask some stupid questions.


      First of all attached is the picture of screenshots I captured from the Storage Console.


      Recently a drive was removed from the pc and it was re-formatted (it has 2 partitions and the partitions are still there).  My questions are:


      1. if I re-insert the drive back to where it used to be and boot up the computer, will it rebuild the mirror on this reformatted drive automatically?  Will it cause damage to the "good" drive that still in the computer? Where can I find instruction to do this (if any)?


      2. Instead of reuse the old drive, if I buy a new one and insert it into the computer, do I need to partition it first?  Any difference whether I partition it or not?


      3. Can I replace the drive with bigger capacity?  Will this affect the overall performance?