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    Can I Have 4GB RAM with Intel 943GML Express Chipset?


      I have a Toshiba laptop:Satellite A100-033 (PSAANE-03J02GEN) running Windows Vista Home Basic. This has: as processor, a 1.6GHz Intel T2060; as motherboard, an Intel Capell Valley (NAPA) CRB; and as BIOS, a Phoenix 6.00 07/12/2007. The graphics adaptor is a Mobile Intel 943GML Express chipset.


      The specification for the laptop says that the laptop will support only 2GB RAM. Some Vista systems have 4GB RAM. I would like to install 4GB if this is possible.


      The web page for the Mobile Intel 943GML Express chipset is at:



      This states that the memory support is "up to 10.7 GB/s of bandwidth and up to 2GB interleaved memory addressability, for faster system responsiveness".


      Despite what the web page says, does anyone know if it is in fact possible to put in 4GB of RAM into my laptop (in other words 2 x 2GB), instead of my current 2 x 1GB?


      I would be glad if anyone could give me some help or advice.