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    External Monitor works with Ubuntu but not Windows


      I have a weird problem about my external monitor. I bought it one month before and I connect monitor to my laptop with hdmi. There was no problem for 1 month. However, when I boot my laptop yesterday, there was no signal warning on external monitor with hdmi. It is a sudden problem, since  I didnt change anything on my laptop. If ı use vga cable, I can obtain display from external monitor but it is not satisfactory.


      The weird thing is that if I connect laptop to another monitor with hdmi, there is no problem. In addition, if I connect my external monitor to a computer using UBUNTU, there is also no problem. but when I connect my monitor to a computer using Windows, I couldnt obtain display.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled both embedded and external graphic cards. I tried every possiblities on screen resolution window and I have already used factory defaults option. I also tried unplugging hdmi and rebooting laptop recommendations, though i couldnt get anything so far.


      my laptop: MSI GE60-0ND-453TR

      embedded graphic : intel HD4000

      external graphic: NVIDIA GTX660M

      Both graphic drivers are updated.


      Processor: Intel i5 - 3210m

      External monitor: ASUS VK228H

      Operating System: Windows Ultimate 7 (x64)


      It is obvious that it is a firmware problem, but i couldnt get anything. Any recommendation will be appreciated.