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    How to turn off "intel display power saving technology"


      I have a issue with the auto brightness screen whenever my screen have more dark color.

      As said it is the "intel display power saving technology".
      I found this is troubling the screen brightness adjust continuously according to the screen color, it hurt my eyes.


      I had try the advanced power option and disable Dell intelligent Display in battery mode. None of these works.

      After google, i found some of the users able to disable this intel display power saving technology through "Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel".

      But the problem is i using the i5-4200u with HD4400 which is using the new graphic properties` interface called "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel", there is no option to disable this function.


      Old interface:

      New interface:
      This what mine showing:


      My question is how to i disable the power saving technology? or any other way to disable the "dim effect".

      I tried the Dell`s driver for HD4400 which is version, A00 (9/4/2013) and Intel official one, (3/10/2013).
      Im using Dell vostro 5470 which the battery cant take out.


      Please help me..Thanks,