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    iSCSI with NUC (DC53427HYE)


      I'm experimenting with a NUC to see if I can make it work.  I'd like to try using it as a thin client with an iSCSI boot.  However, I cannot figure out how to activate that option.  In theory, the embedded 82579LM is supported for iSCSI, however, the bootutil utility fails when I try to turn on iSCSI.


      bootutil reports 'Flash not present'.  A bootutil -FE reports 'unsupported feature', and all variants of -BOOTENABLE or -UP report:

      Option ROM area in the flash is not supported for this device


      Also, the IPK tools hang forever trying to download a bios; I can't find a source for the .IPK files that the IPK tool seems to require, so I can't try provisioning the device with the IPK.


      Clue bats are deeply appreciated.