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    Problem with DH67CF Compatibility with ASUS PA246


      I have an ASUS PA246 monitor for photographic work using a pc with a DH67CF motherboard and an i7 processor. The monitor has a USB hub and an SD card reader. The USB hub and ports work OK but the SD card reader does respond at all. However if I connect the monitor to any other pc or laptop the SD card reader work just fine. So I have established there is not a fault with the monitor, and I'm thinking this must be a compatibility or driver problem. All the USB ports and external hubs connected to the motherboard work OK.Can anyone help me out? I am not particularly tech savvy, but am an experienced pc user. Thanks!


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          AndyF, I would recommend you to check if your board needs any BIOS update.  Please check on BIOS which is the current version and then check how many versions you need to install until you reach the latest one which is 0160.


          If there are many, please try to install 1 or 2 before installing the latest one. This is because sometimes the latest version does not include the fixes from previous BIOS.


          If you are not sure you can reply back to me letting me know which BIOS you have.


          Also, it will be important to have the correct driver installed.