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    Need urgent help with the Intel HD 4000




      NOTE: Please read the whole text before answering, thanks :)


      For the last months i have been saving money and buying parts, yesterday the last parts came in and once i had installed everything and installed all software & drivers i couldn't find the Intel HD 4000 Anywhere...

      So i tried installing the driver and i got this message:


      The driver i'm trying to install


      Can someone explain this?

      The Intel HD 4000 doesn't show up in Device Manager or in Msinfo32.

      I have installed all drivers with Drivermax, (I have a premium membership there) but it doesn't show up there either.

      Within Drivermax there's also a function called "Identify unknown hardware" so i tried that, with no result.

      Right now i'm using a very old GPU from a "spare computer" because the Intel one doesn't work.



      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      Intel Core i7 3770k 3.50GHz

      Intel HD 4000

      1TB HDD

      250GB SSD

      8GB DDR3 RAM


      So i pretty mutch need help quickly.


      Thanks in advance! :)


      Cheers, Samuel