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    4770k HDMI Scaling issue


      Hi:  I have an ASUS Dual-Deluxe Motherboard, 4770K processor, 32gb of RAM, Windows 7 enterprise.

      Graphics driver is Intel 4600, version dated 7/29/13.  Intel update software indicates this is the most recent.


      My PC is connected to my Denon AVamp via HDMI.  The Intel HD Graphics controller confirms this is the display type.

      The Denon is connected to a Sharp 70" HDTV, 1920x1080


      There's some overscaling going on:  all sides are pushed out a bit beyond the range of the TV.  I've set the scaling option to Customize Aspect Rational.  When I adjust the H / V scaling, I see the changes in the preview graphic.  However, when I click apply, nothing changes on my display.  The dialog box indicating the the changes have been made appears, asking if I want to keep or revert, but the image has never changed.


      Is there anything I do to correct this issue with my current setup?