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    Intel I217-V (WinPE drivers)


      Hi everyone,


      We recently purchased Fujitsu E720 desktops with I217-V Ethernet controller. I was trying to find drivers for WinPE either x86 or x64, but without success. I tried drivers from Windows 7, but its not working.

      Has anyone succeeded to make I217-V working with Windows PE?




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          I am having exactly the same problem. I'm trying to get a Macrium Reflect Pro 5 rescue CD with WinPE 4.0 to get a network connection on my computer that has an ASUS Gryphon motherboard with an Intel I217V LAN controller. I have tried several drivers but have still not got WinPE 4.0 to work with my Intel I217V controller. If I find a solution I will post it here. If you find a solution please also post it here.





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            I have found a solution. This is what I did:


            1. Renamed c:\boot\Macrium in order to get a fresh start of the WinPE setup without any old drivers
            2. Downloaded the latest 18.7 64bit Windows 8.0 driver package (this is a self-exctracting file that automatically installs the drivers, but do not run it since you do not want these drivers installed on the computer. I an using Windows 8.1 on my computer but the WinPE 4.0 version that Macrium Reflect uses needs a 8.0 driver from. I got my driver from here: Download Center)
            3. Renamed the .exe driver file to .zip
            4. Unzipped the .zip driver file
            5. Created a WinPE 4.0 rescue CD in Macrium but replaced the ethernet driver with the 63x64 driver available in the unzipped driver directory.


            I hope this can help.

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              Thanks for help, it works with WinPE 4. I was trying to make it work with WinPE 3, but without success. Finally I've moved to version 4.