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    Removing NUC from kit case


      Is it possible to remove the NUC (in my case, the D34010WYK board) from the case it comes mounted in?


      I'd like to be able to remove it and mount it in a different enclosure so I can better access some of the ports such as the SATA and PCI ports.


      I've removed all of the screws I can see, but one corner of the board (the one near the IR port / audio jack) seems to be stuck. I think it's attached to something, but I can't for the life of me see what it's attached to.


      How can I get the board out of its case?

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          Not many people have these yet, so unless Intel can provide some support you might have to wait a little while for others experience with this.


          That being said, it should be possible and it seems like reviewers did manage to remove them from the case. For example;


          Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK Review - The NUC Gets Haswell Power! - Page 2 of 7 - Legit ReviewsOutside and Inside The Intel NUC Kit D542050WYK


          "Inside each rubber case foot you’ll find a Philips screw. When each one is loosened the bottom covered can be removed and you gain access inside the NUC. Intel is using the NUC Board D54250WYB inside the NUC Kit D54250WYK. This board is held down by two small black Philips screws, so once you remove those last two screws, you can lift the board from the chassis."

          How many screws have you removed? Sounds like there should be two small black screws.



          Another: Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK | Missing Remote


          " Cracking the box is quite straight forward, only requiring the loosening of the four screws placed in the rubber feet on the underside of the NUC. If you are a bit more adventurous the D54250WYB motherboard can be extracted by removing the two black screws near the back and some gentle prying in that area. Do not be surprised if it takes more than a little careful effort and some outward pressure on the rear I/O shield."


          If you have removed the two black screws it sounds like you might need a bit more pressure to get it out, though don't take my word for that , maybe someone else can provide assistance if you still haven't managed to get it out.

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            The information given by Platypus2 is correct.

            I took some pictures from one of our NUCs and it was very easy to remove it from the case.

            Just in case, we are also selling only the motherboard, so customers can assemble it where they prefer.




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              Thanks, everyone, especially Platypus!


              I was able to get the board out after a bit of finagling. It took a bit more force and wiggling than I expected, but the board came out ok.

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                thanks for info (ive been strugling with tring to remove it)

                ive just recieved the

                Akasa Tesla H Aluminium Fanless Case for Intel NUC D54250WYB

                and i can now proceed with fitting mboard into case

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                  @ Sylvia


                  It's definetly NOT easy to remove the mainboard!!!


                  Mine is stuck where the usb slots are.


                  Could you please show the side from which I should start pulling the mainboard? Mine is easy to pull on the msata side and nearly impossible on the RAM side - as if it was further attached! Of course I removed the black screws.


                  Is there a youtube video floating around? I would be very thankful for help. I need to remove the mainboard to detach the battery, as my Powerbutten doesn't work anymore and the cmos reset doesn't work via jumper. I tried it several times...

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                    opposite to the side with audio and ir port

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                      Thank you edd937! I did it and also managed to detach the battery. Now the power button works again!


                      But the question remains: Why did the battery stop working so suddenly?

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                        what nuc kit have you got

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                          A silent case from Akasa is coming for me today and I will try to remove the motherboard from my D54250WYK.

                          Did you have to apply force to get the motherboard out after the initial problems you talked about ?


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                            lift the board from the side opposite the audio port.when its out you will notice above the audio port hole a very little bit protrudes .thats what stops you lifting the board out horizontal

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                              Ok thanks, will give it a go.

                              I ordered the Akasa Newton H first to get a silent unit and with the hope there will be enough space to put the HDMI-CEC header from Pulse Eight (fingers crossed...)

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                                Thanks for the advice. I have a D34010WY in kit case that I'm using as a music server. It works well but the fan is a bit noisy so I'm putting the NUC into a Streacom NC2 fanless case.

                                Like some others here I'm having some grief extracting the board from the case, in order to remove the stock cooler/fan.


                                I found this clip which shows the removal procedure quite well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=93&v=2EPZQUaJozk

                                I removed the two screws referred to here, then pried gently but firmly upwards from the ethernet port side as per this above clip using thin strips of 1.5mm ply as 'pry tools'. The board has lifted by a few mm but is not budging further. There are no obstructions I can see. I've put it all back together for now and it still works, so nothing busted yet!

                                Help please?


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                                  I tried removing a board form the case of a NUC Kit D34010WYK and I found that it came out without any difficulty. It should come out easily as described in the clip; maybe it is best to take it to a shop to have a look at it, in case something is in the way.

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                                    Hansb, thanks for your advice. I took the NUC to a PC tech at work who popped the board out after some fiddling. He will be rewarded with beer.

                                    Seems that the back of the case must be flexed outward slightly - it's fairly thick aluminum but it moves enough to allow the board to lift out.

                                    Next step - pulling the cooler off!

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