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    Problem HD 4000 and Open GL 2.0




      I have big graphic issues with HD 4000 and 3D software which use Open GL 2.0 : display is very awful, very very low fps.

      I think the problem is specific with Open GL 2.0, not 3.x or 4.x.

      There are same problems on several 3D professionnal software. 3D software still use Open GL 2.0 today !


      HD 4000 support Open GL 3.x and more but does this chipset and driver support Open GL 2.0 ?


      Tested platforms : laptop with integrated chipset, Windows 7 64bits, last graphic driver 3257, Core i7, 8 Go RAM and more.

      Same test done with nVidia card and it works.


      Should I discard all laptop with Intel card ?


      Pleased to read answers_