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    Is the i7-4770K's HD Graphics 4600 HDCP compliant?


      I opted for using the integrated graphics from the i7-4770K as my main and only option.


      I recently purchased a HDHomeRun Prime tuner to be used with Windows Media Center.


      For Non-Encrypted channels I had no problem viewing/recording.

      My problem is was with Encrypted Channels where I would get no Video but only Audio.


      My monitor (Dell 27 - S2740L) is HDCP compliant through the DVI-D so I have a HDMI-to-DVI cable from Asus Maximus Impact Motherboard to Monitor.


      So after 3 days of struggling, I dusted off my old Radeon HD5870 and manage to fit it into my case.... barely fit and voila... it worked!!!


      So is it safe to say that the problem stems from the Haswell i7-4770K's HD Graphics 4600 not being HDCP compliant?


      And if so, will it get fixed?