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    FAT-32 and trim


      I want to use FAT-32 for a data partition on my 240GB 530 series SSD because I multi-boot Windows and Linux and want to be able to operate on common data from either OS. I understand that FAT-32 doesn't have Trim support in either Windows or Linux. However there is a trim function in the "Bootit Bare Metal" software from Terabyte Unlimited which I use as my boot manager. According to my query to their forum their technical support says it will trim a FAT-32 partition - see http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/ucf/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1320


      I wanted to bring this to your attention and ask if this is indeed possible from your technical knowledge of the SSD. I don't want to risk the data if there's something inherently wrong with trim in this situation.


      If it helps to describe it this way, their system operates in a very simple DOS-like OS and when the trim operation is invoked, the partition is not being used by it as a file system but is effectively just directly accessed as pure binary data. Their system can format partitions and read files from partitions so it does have intimate knowledge of the FAT-32 file system structure. So trim seems quite feasible to me but I'd like your confirmation that it appears feasible, although clearly you don't know if it has been implemented properly.