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    Intel DP965LT Motherboard Issue




      I'm checking the PC of my brother that is using the Intel DP965LT motherboard.  Whenever I boot up the POST pauses at code 5A.  After a while it proceeds to boot.  There are instances when boot would work but there are instances when it won't.  When I listened to the SATA hard disk I noticed that it erratically spins up and spins down briefly.  And I also noticed that the hard disk activity light stays on.


      Could the motherboard have become defective?  I've tried changing power supplies I still get the same result.  Would a CMOS reset help?

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            Please check SATA cable and HDD

            Wish it helps

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            Hi lowblack,


            Thanks for the reply.  I removed all connections to both IDE and SATA drives.  When I did that the bootup processes continued and doesn't stop at POST CODE 5A. Initially I assumed that any of the drives may be defective.


            I tried connecting the SATA hard disk first.  Again the system stalls at POST CODE 5A and the hard disk activity lights remained steady.  So I thought that the hard disk may be defective.


            Then I got an IDE hard disk that I know is working properl and connected it the IDE port.  There again the problem appeared.  The system stalls at POST CODE 5A.


            I'm now thinking that it's the motherboard that is defective here - possibly the I/O controller may be defective.  My next attempt will be to reset the BIOS.


            Please let me know if you have another suggestions that can help me find the real problem.


            Regards to all.

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              I tried out another thing.  None of the hard disks are connected.  I connected the just the DVD-RW drive to the IDE port then setup the BIOS to boot from this first.  After a reboot POST proceeded without a hitch.  No stalling on the 5A code.  The Windows XP installer CD booted with no problems.


              So now I'm wondering.  How come when hard disks are connected - IDE or SATA - the board stalls on code 5A?

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                Have you updated to the last BIOS available? just in case it might help. Also has it always done this or has only jsut started?

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                  The problem just started.  So far what I did was remove the battery of the CMOS to reset everything.  Right now the light on the hdd activity led is gone and it seems the system may have stablized.  I will continue monitoring though and hope that everything goes well.

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                    Hi there,


                    Normally it should work fine now after clearing the cmos.

                    If still later you get the same problem, then try updating the bios to the latest, this should definitely fix the issue.


                    FYI: The post code 5A is related to the stage when the system is resetting the bus for SATA/PATA and all devices during post.


                    Link for latest bios: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&Inst=Yes&ProductID=2374&DwnldID=17520&strOSs=38&OSFullName=OS%20Independent&lang=eng



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                      I have exactly the same problem.

                      First I bought a Maxtor 1TB SATA hard disk, installed Vista x64, and everything was fine. Once the OS installed, I added a second hard Disk (250GB), and again, everything was fine. Some time later, maybe a month, I added another hard disk. This one is an old IDE one I have in a removable rack. It worked for a couple of days. The third day when I came to boot my computer it begins to fail: the red ligth of the HD activity was on, and after starting Vista it rebooted... some times it crashed with a BSD... and sometimes it stopped aso with the 5A POST message. Sometimes it reported an error: Hard Disk error, press Ctrl-Alt.Del to reboot. I rebooted and again the same message or one of the others options mentioned.


                        When I looked for this error message, it seems to be a HD error: bad SATA cable or an electrical failure (if I rememeber what I read). SoI tried to disconnect all the other internal devices (the other HDs and the DVD), rebooted, and It worked! I begin to reconnect, one by one all the devices, and everything was fine.Obviously I never connected again my IDE HD.


                        Today I tried to connect an external USB hard drive, and once again I had the same problem. Just now, the computer restarted again (I{m using it to write this message) but the second SATA drive and the DVD are disconnected and the red ligth is still on.


                        Can´t find any issues... I´m with the last BIOS update and I can´t understand.


                      Maybe it´s some problem with the hard disk state, that Windows operating systems are not processing in a reliabe way. I can´t imagine a motherboard failure, because now it´s working... so I don´t know, that´s what I´m thinking about an OS issue. BTW I´m also with the latest Vista Updates.


                        Thans for any idea you can have about this problem.




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                        Hi RG and Barrero,

                        What PSUs are you both using? Make model etc…and also what graphics cards are you using?

                        Also barrero, I don’think it is  an OS thing as such. But if it would make you feel better you could try installing another OS.

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                          Thanks Cpt. Dogfruit,


                            I´m currently using a NVIDIA GForce 7100 GS and I'm not sure if it's a 350W PSU, I will reopen the case to see it.


                            Thanks again



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                            @Cpt. Dogfruit


                            Currently the power supply is a generic one (claiming to be 500 Watts) which came with the case.  The graphics card is an Inno3D GeForce 7200GS.  I'll be replacing the PSU with a HEC Raptor 500Watts.  Presently the persistent HDD LED and 5A post code is now okay.  Somehow resetting the CMOS helped.  However I'm still detecting some initial intermittent power fluctuation in the hard drive and DVD-RW drive.  I'm hoping the new PSU will help but I will also attempt to upgrade the BIOS with the latest version.

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                              Hi both,

                              I can't be sure becasue i don't have either system infront of me, but it does sound like a PSU issue specially for you barrero. As you probably know just becasue a PSU says for example 400w it dosen't mean it will have this output constantly, generally this is the maximum output which it would only reach in certain ocassions. If the PSU is struggling and have to reach it's max for an elongated period of time, it will get hotter and it will degrade faster and at some point it will stop being able to reach it's max. My advice would be to try with another PSU, to be completly sure make at least 500w and atx2.2 compliant. The reason I say make it ATX2.2 comliant is that normally the ones with this standard are good PSUs. Aslo always try and get a brand PSU something like an Antec.

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                                That is why when I built my new PC I got myself a HEC Win+Power 550Watts 80Plus Bronze Certified to make sure I have a stable and efficient power for my board.  The cheapest that I could get for my brother's PC was the HEC Raptor 500.


                                Well, I'll find out later if we've licked the problem finally when I install this on his PC.  We'll keep you guys posted.

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                                  Well the culprit is the generic power supply.  When I checked the voltages in the hardware monitoring in the BIOS screen, I noticed that while using the generic psu, the values are below the standard voltages then after installing the HEC 500 watt psu all values went up to match the standard voltage.  The hard disk is now running fine - no fluctuating sounds and even the dvd-rw drive is working well.  The 5A post code doesn't stall anymore, although this one is also attributed CMOS being somewhat "corrupted" with LED issue that was fixed by resetting the CMOS.


                                  However, there is a different problem that I encountered.  After installing the Intel Chipset driver, the USB ports are not working right.  When I checked at the device manager the USB root device has exclamation marks. Tried reinstalling the driver but did not help.  I'll reinstall Windows XP and the driver and see if these fix the issue unless somebody know something about this.

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                                    Hi Rg,

                                    AM glad you got the HHD prblem sorted...ahame about the new one though. It does sound like a driver issue. What order did you install the drivers in? It should be chipset>audio>>video>LAN>everything else. To check that it is adriver issue with windows, do the USBs work in the BIOS or in safe mode?

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