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    QEMU support for Quark SoC?




      I am investigating possibility of porting an embedded compiler to support Quark and would like to use QEMU for initial tests. However, I can not find any information on QEMU support for Quark. Seems a bit surprising that QEMU would not support Quark but maybe I just can not find it.



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          We often test the Linux software provided for Quark with the regular i386-softmmu QEMUmachine and it seems to just work. Note you will need at least the recent "pci-serial" feature in QEMU


          -chardev null,id=tS0 -device pci-serial,chardev=tS0 -chardev stdio,id=tS1 -device pci-serial,chardev=tS1

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            Is it possible that you provide complete QEMU command line with all parameters. I want to run quark compatible kernel and ramfs on the Fedora host machine


            I am trying to use parameters you have mentioned above but I receive following error:


            chardev: opening backend "stdio" failed: Device or resource busy

            qemu: could not open serial device 'mon:stdio': Success


            Is there anything else that I must set on the host machine. QEMU version is:

            QEMU emulator version 1.0.1 (qemu-kvm-1.0.1), Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard


            and it runs Intel atom compatible kernel with no problems.