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    Windows Experience Index low




      Today I have noticed that windows is reporting my WEI Score as 5.9 for my SSD.

      Previously this has been arround 7.7.


      Nothing has changed in my PC, Does anyone know what could cause this?


      HDD: Intel 320 120GB [SSDSASCW12]






      Can anyone help?

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          Please note that Windows* Experience Index rating is a Microsoft* feature, rather than a benchmark standard. Still, you may optimize your drive with the Intel® SSD Toolbox and run the assessment again.


          Also note that WEI rating for Windows* Vista is limited to 5.9. You may contact Microsoft* for further assistance.

          Achieving a perfect Windows Experience Index score in Windows 7

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            Hi Joe,


            Yes I understand the "Windows Experience Index" is a windows feature.

            But nothing has changed in my system since I installed the SSD where i was getting a 7.7 score.

            But now I have been given a 5.6.


            I have the SSD Toolbox but based on the AS-SSD and the HD-Tune would you say there is anything wrong with the drive? Could it be that MS have moved the margin as better disks have been released?

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              I am not familiar with such benchmark tools; in order to get proper results it is necessary to run an incompressible data benchmark test (such as Iometer, ATTO). You may also run the full diagnostic from the Intel® SSD Toolbox.


              Based on the FAQ from the article above it is possible for the WEI score to go down but it is unclear if this only happens with a new operating system. I would recommend contacting Microsoft* for this question.


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