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    Intel HDMI audio deactivated after switching TV input




      i own a ASRock H81M-HDS board with the current H81 chipset.

      If I connect the onboard HDMI port to my LG 42LH5000 TV and reboot the PC everything (audio and video) works as expected.

      After switching the TV to another input and back (or turning the TV off and on again) the audio is deactivated (video is ok) and I could not reactive the audio. Only a reboot helps.


      I tried to plug/uplug the cable already to get the adio activated again, activated/deactivated the Intel graphic card in the device manager, deinstalled and reinstalled the current Intel graphics driver. I even tried to diable the "monitor off" detection feature (by blocking one pin) as described here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/8a9b5aa7-fe33-4e6d-b39b-8ac80a21fdc2/disable-monitor-off-detection-how?forum=w7itprogeneral

      Unfortunatley nothing helped so far.

      Is there any workaorund to solve this problem (in the meantime i switched to an old AMD HD 5450 and it works flawlessly on the H81M-HDS ...)


      Thanks for any advice,


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          Is the BIOS in the motherboard up to date?

          What is the version of the video drivers you are testing with?

          Please provide the dxdiag report from that system.

          In addition, is the audio device fully functional in Device Manager after you switch the device? Have you checked the sound properties in control panel to see what is set as the default playback device?

          What operating system is installed?

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            I'm having the same issue, same motherboard, LG brand tv, model 47hk520, running windows 8.1, and the latest drivers (Intel Display Audio and video I read this is also an issue with the NUCs https://communities.intel.com/thread/41853 and according to the latest post there, intel is aware of and can reproduce the issue on their reference boards and have alerted the NUC BIOS teams, but that doesn't do much good for us. I have also seen a the HDMI pin 19 workaround that you reference, but haven't tried it yet.


            At least I only have a 14 second boot time, so restarting isn't so bad, but would like to see this fixed.

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              Thank you for bringing this up, in this case, I suggest checking on an update for this through that thread as it has been already reproduced so any updates will be provided through there.

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                Thanks for the forwarding.

                Will have a look at the other thread.


                Just to answer the questions:

                - Windows 8.1

                - Intel Display Audio

                - Video

                - Using the latest Bios >1.40 (had to connect a keyboard with functions keys to get the precise version information... if it would be helpfull i would invest the "time and effort" ;-)



                And to be complete, after switching the device the audio device is marked with a yellow exclamation mark.

                I've also checked that the HDMI audio out is the default output, which is only possible until i switch the device, otherwise the sound control panel would have no other options, as the HDMI output is the only connected "sound device".