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    Windows 8.1 driver issues


      Hi, as the title suggests I'm having some problems with windows 8.1, only when playing games, at the beginning I had some low on memory warnings then few days ago a bsod related to igdkmd64.sys after 10 mins of playing, never had all these issues with win 8

      my computer is a clevo laptop, 780m nvidia and intel 4600 as display adapters, I have the latest drivers for both ( for the 4600)


      I update win 8 using windows store but I never had the code 31 or 43 issues


      basically I'm having almost the same problems:

      Optimus V 17.3" Windows 8.1 BSOD igdkmd64.sys


      really, it can't be a coincidence.....

      I try to install old 4600 drivers but that doesn't work, I also try the latest drivers available from clevo, no luck

      In my opinion there are clearly some issues between intel drivers and any other 3rd graphic cards (amd or nvidia)


      Also I have two doubt in my mind:


      1 older graphics drivers for windows 8 can safelly be used with win 8.1 ??

      2 when you install or reinstall intel drivers on a notebook is better to also install the drivers for the dgpu at the (almost) same time, even if you already had the latest drivers for the dgpu, or you can install only intel drivers with no problems ??


      p.s. I'm from italy so I'm sorry for my mistakes

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          Some Windows 8.1 updates tripping over driver problems

          Microsoft is investigating reports that some users are trying and failing to update their PCs and tablets to Windows 8.1, apparently due to outdated and incompatible drivers.

          In messages posted to Microsoft’s technical support website, people have been complaining that they’re unable to complete the Windows 8.1 installation due to an error that the OS identifies as 0x40017.

          The complaints started on October 17, the day when the Windows 8.1 update became available for download on the Windows Store. Affected users see a message informing them that the Windows 8.1 installation couldn’t be completed and that their previous version of Windows has been restored on their device.

          One of the threads is very much active, with 36 pages and about 360 comments.

          So far, Microsoft apparently has been able to isolate some of the problems to the presence on the affected machines of outdated drivers, such as the ones for Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, and of software from SteelSteries, a maker of mice, keyboards, headphones, games and other items.

          However, the mystery of error 0x40017 hasn’t been fully solved. A Microsoft official chimed in on Tuesday in another one of the threads, indicating that Microsoft is still searching for a solution for users whose problem isn’t related to Nvidia drivers or the SteelSeries software.

          “If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still receiving the 0x40017 error, we are still investigating the issue to determine what additional drivers are causing this error. We’d like to thank everyone who sent us their log files to help us in this effort. We have collected enough sample files to work with, and are busy analyzing the logs at this time. We’ll post a fix or solution as soon as they are confirmed,” the official wrote.

          A Microsoft spokesman contacted on Wednesday declined to provide additional comment about the scope of the problem and the timetable for solving it.

          This problem is different from the one that rendered some Surface RT tablets useless after their owners downloaded Windows RT 8.1. In response to that issue, which was caused by outdated firmware and left the tablets unable to boot up, Microsoft pulled Windows RT 8.1 from the Windows Store for several days while it figured out the problem and offered a solution.

          Some users have also been unable to upgrade to Windows 8.1 due to a tweak in the update’s hardware requirements. Windows 8.1 requires CMPXCHG16b support in the 64-bit version, which some existing hardware doesn’t offer.

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            Could you please check in the Device Manager of your system and see if there are any conflicts there under video adapters?

            Please post the dxdiag of that system and full list of the hardware being used.

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              Hi Diego, in the device manager I don't see any conflicts, I make an image of what I see, both video adapters give me the "this device is working properly" message.


              DxDiag shows no problems found for every device, pls note that in the dxdiag report you will see that right now I'm using the 327.23 driver for the 780m because I want to try an older version (win 8.1 compatible) but I'm still having the same bsod if I play, I already tried the latest drivers (331.65) but the problem remains...

              and I'm only having problems with videogames, I can use this computer for everything else for 5/6 hours with no problems at all...

              I don't know how to create a full list of the hardware in my pc, but I think that you can find everything in the DxDiag.txt

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                Allow me to further investigate on this and get back to you

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                  just a little update, I'm trying the lastest drivers available on clevo website for windows 8.1 (there was an update few days ago) but I still have the same problems as before.... it's been almost a month since I updated to windows 8.1 and I'm only having problems when I use the dgpu, never had a bsod o "low memory" warnings for everything else.


                  I see that a lot of people are trying old driver for windows 8 so I'll try to ask it again, intel drivers for windows 8 are fully compatible with windows 8.1 or there might be some problems ???

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                    In fact some users have reported that using the drivers provided by their respective OEM, have solved the issue, even though the drivers are not win8.1 certified. From our side we only suggest using the driver that is listed as tested in Win8.1 since we are not aware of what issues you may experience using an older driver.


                    One thing I would like to confirm is that your system does not have any instance of Virtu software to manage the switchable graphics in your system. If this is installed, then try disabling it or uninstall it, as it has been reported by other users that this solves their issues

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                      No I don't have any Virtu software on my system, not now and not before with windows 8

                      I hope at least that it will be a solution available for christmas, it would be a nice gift

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                        I have the exactly same laptop(P177SM with GTX780M) and the same issue... And today it was the second time.


                        I also considered to use the driver that provided by Clevo on 8th of this month... but now I saw your post. It doesn't work at all, right?


                        The more weird thing is, that I ever thought to get the DUMP file of BSOD but I couldn't find it under the folder "%SystemRoot%\Minidump\MEMORY.DMP".


                        Now I'm considering to revert back to win8 and have some tests...


                        Btw the both times of BSOD all occurred during playing the game - Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.


                        ps.I'm from China so I'm sorry for my mistakes too

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                          "I also considered to use the driver that provided by Clevo on 8th of this month... but now I saw your post. It doesn't work at all, right?"

                          yes, unfortunately these "new" drivers from clevo doesn't solve the problem....

                          I can't go back to windows 8, if I could do it I will probably already did it.... damn you windows 8.1 !!

                          I can assure and ensure you that this is my last computer with Windows os, I have no doubt about that, no one.

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                            Rafe, if you are interested on troubleshooting this issue with us then please provide the information that has been requested for debugging. So, update the BIOS of your system and update the driver using the file we provided through our web site, then generate a dxdiag report from your system and post it here

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                              I did some test tonight with the new driver but the situation doesn't change, I have low on memory warnings and igdkmd64.sys bsod like the old driver (3316), only when I play like before (no code 31, 43 or anything else) ...


                              I also try to use only the 4600 in some videogames but again I still have the same problems ....

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                                Just to confirm, you refer to the ( driver, right?

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                                  yes, right now I have the 3345 driver (and the latest driver released from clevo for the 780m)

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                                    Thank you, let me check on this and give you an update.

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