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    Problem with HDMI audio using intel hd 4600 graphics



      I've got a huge problem regarding my hdmi audio in my intel dq87pg board. The setup is the following:


      HTPC  -> Displayport to HDMI Adapter -> Onkyo AV Receiver -> TV


      OS is Windows 8.1, Graphic drivers etc. are the latest.


      if the TV and the AV Receiver is on when I start the HTPC, everything works fine. But if it is switched off while booting, the computer does not find any hdmi audio device when the receiver is turned on later. The same happens when av receiver is on during boot and the sound works and I restart the AV reveiver or replug the cable in between.


      I've tried nearly everything, different drivers, reinstall windows etc, but nothing helps. Does anyone have a solution?


      Many regards


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