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    D102GGC2: Problem With Mouse and Keyboard


      I have an Intel D102GGC2 board with the latest BIOS (1087) installed.


      I am trying to install Win2K. I have a USB keyboard and a PS/2 mouse.


      When the setup screen says "Starting Windows 2000" the num lock light on the keyboard goes off, and the keyboard stops responding. If I disable the USB 2.0 then the keyboard works fine both during and after the install.

      The mouse does not work at all, neither while installing or after.


      However I am able to use use the keyboard in USB 2.0 mode, and the mouse in both BartPE and XOSL.

      If I plug an PS/2 keyboard with the PS/2 mouse and reinstall then both the keyboard and mouse work just fine.

      This USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse works fine on other machines with Win2K on it.


      So why doesn't this mother board like my keyboard and mouse under Win2K? What can I do to make them play nice - especially the mouse.