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    i7 2600k suddenly started hitting 85 degrees on nearly all games


      Okay so while I was being all happy and excited for Battlefield 4, I put my CPU through a stress test and it handled it pretty well went to a maximum temp of 70-75 degrees and its pretty old 2 years old to be exact and still using a stock cooler.


      So when Battlefield 4 was released in the UK at midnight, I went and played a few games after about my 3rd game i noticed the temps going into the red maxing out at about 85 degrees (Asus sensor wouldn't show any higher apparently). I theorized it could be a faulty sensor so I used Core temp to monitor it, same issue appears again so its not a faulty sensor. My loads hit around max 60% on the CPU but hit 85 degrees, something is very wrong.


      I cleaned out my case, made sure the CPU is clean to. removed the old thermal paste, added new thermal paste (pea size), re-seated the heat-sink and then started up my system. Unfortunately I seem to get the same results.


      I realize that it could be just that my i7 is just old now and wearing out but I honestly hope that is not the case as I simply cant afford processors like the i7 or i5s at the moment which is frustrating.


      My hope is that it is just that I need to replace my cooler but quite frankly this is bothering the crap out of me. So can anyone shed some light on this on what it could be?