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    Discrete + HD4000 dual monitors failing after Win 8.1 update



      Steps taken:

      • Updated all drivers to current versions
      • Set onboard graphics to primary in the BIOS.



      System details:

      ASROCK Z77 Extreme 6 Motherboard


      AMD HD7880 with latest (beta) drivers.

      Windows 8.1 64bit

      16GB RAM


      Monitor connected to HD7880 via HDMI

      Monitor connected to motherboard via VGA


      This setup worked fine under windows 8, however it does not work under 8.1


      When I unplug and plug the monitor in via VGA it turns on, says "no signal" and turns back off again.


      I tried looking through the forums for answers but it's a bit incomprehensible.

      I've tried the intel driver update utility.

      I've tried a manual instal of 15332b whatever that one is (can't remember it was a whole 2 days ago).

      I've tried the drivers from ASROCK's website.