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    Intel NUC Video Driver Issue


      My "HYE" ( I5) works well  Win64 Ultimate, Win 2008R2, and Win 8.1 EXCEPT that in 8.1 and R2 it will not reboot if the latest Intel Vid Driver is installed.


      My work around is to reboot safe mode and  uninstall the Intel Video Driver. Of course in 8.1 Microsoft keeps re-installing but No Big Deal.


      Is this only me or a common problem? what causes it?


      I am annoyed that Intel appears to give no info on the crash. The NUC simply stops working in a quiet way and does not finish the reboot.

      Where do I look for the Intel log file?



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          Just to double check, the system model you refer to is Intel NUC DC53427RKE?

          What is the driver version of the driver you are having issues with and what is the version BIOS installed?

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            Thanks for you email. The NUC is Intel BOXDC53427HYE Intel QS77 2 x 204Pin Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System. The bios I just upgraded.



            Board: Intel Corporation D53427RKE G87971-402
            Serial Number: GERK327001YU
            Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
            UEFI: Intel Corp. RKPPT10H.86A.0023.2013.0529.1711 05/29/2013

            the graphics driver below caused the problem and left no log:

            Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel® NUC

            Installs the video graphics driver version for Intel® NUC products.

            OS: Windows 8.1, 32-bit*, Windows 8.1, 64-bit*







            *****  my only complaint is that it left no log. ***** ( that I could find )   All else is well. You are aware I installed all the drivers in one hit. I had to go into safemode and deinstall item by item trial and error.



            STOP PRESS  late Sunday the problems ceased!!  Sunday 11/3. I have no idea why. I must say it worked fine in safe mode.

            the 3d graphics are cool and about  as good as another mini itx we put together with the i7 4770K


            Thanks and please tell me where to find the logs!!!

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              Any logs should be in a folder {system drive}\Intel\Logs

              As you may have noticed, there have been issues reported on the installation of Microsoft* Windows* 8.1 and video drivers which is being investigated.

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                This is similar enough to my problem to post here.  We are deploying the Intel® NUC kit DC3217IYE in an industrial setting.  When installing an image, regardless if an adapter for HDMI to VGA is used, the NUC must be connected to an HDTV or monitor via HDMI.


                Intel has not included a general driver for VGA on initial image deployment?


                Anyone else encounter this issue?


                Does Intel plan to address it?


                Poor planning I think.  Not a big deal because we have HD monitors available.  Just a pain that I now have to go to a different location in the plant to install the WIN7 image followed by driver updates before I can return to my workstation and work on more than one device where I have three VGA monitors to work on.



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                  I have that same model at home.  When I was initially setting it up I used an HDMI to DVI adapter and it worked fine.  I haven't tried an HDMI to VGA adapter but I'll see if the NUC team has tested it.


                  Intel wouldn't provide a standard VGA driver because it's included in the OS. I would expect it should work fine.

                  Did you try the connection on both HDMI ports?





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                    Of course.  What kind of IT tech would I be if I didn't attempt to use both HDMI ports.


                    Included in the OS if you are using the OEM installed image.


                    I am installing a PXE boot over a network with a clean image that is specific to different user classes that we have setup.  The NUC will not recognize the HDMI to VGA until after I install the image using a TV and then upgrading the driver

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                      Hello again,


                      I confirmed with the team that this is in fact the expected behavior: "In order for the HDMI to VGA adapter to work, the graphics driver needs to be loaded.  There is no native support possible via the BIOS for VGA."


                      DVI will work however.  Do you have an option to use HDMI to DVI?





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                        Negative. That option is not available.  I am using an old 17" for the imaging.  That's just a bummer.  FYI, these units don't come with an OS on them.  They have BIOS only.  Thank you for your research and assistance though.  Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Happy and peaceful holiday season.  Is that PC enough?

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                          One more question...Does the NUC come with AMT onboard?

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                            Guys I am facing the same problem, everything works OK with HDMI to DVI adapter, but not with HDMI to VGA. The problem is that the NUC have to be used with KVM switch, which is only VGA. How to fix this? Is there any particular driver I have to install? The NUC is DCCP847DYE model.


                            Also does the adapter has to be with its own power source?