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    S2600CO4 all leds are lit when connecting to main power


      All diagnostic leds on S2600CO4 light up when I turn on the PSU. The 5 V Standby led is GREEN though while the others -- ORANGE. After switching the PSU off and on the ORANGE leds go off and SYS_STATUS (A) fires up (GREEN). I'm at a loss here -- I don't know if it's a typical behaviour as I've never seen a healthy S2600CO Series -- what could be wrong with it?


      Besides, when I turn the power on nothing happens or, rather, nothing of importance for over 3 minutes whether it's a cold or hot start -- fans start spinning, CPU warms up, but no leds (barring 5 V Standby), no beeps, no video output.


      Thank you!



      CPU - Xeon QB79 E5-2680

      RAM - HP-branded Hynix 4GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9-10-E1

      PSU - Zippy P1H-6400P (400W)