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    Big Issues Raid1 2xSSD OCZ - Asus P9X79WS + IRSe 3.7



      I 've just installed 2 computers for editing video.


      Asus P9X79WS - i7 3930K 3.2 - 16GB DDR3 Kingston XMP 2100Mhz - Alim Corsair 750w.

      1x SSD OCZ Vector series 2.5 128GB (system 7 x64) -

      2x SSD OCZ Vector series 2.5 256GB (RAID1) on 2 Intel sata6 Gports


      I installed the last BIOS 4404 (Oct 2013)
      1. Improved system compatibility.
      2. Update IRST OpRom to


      The driver Marvell SATA 6G Driver V1.2.0.1014

      Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Driver Software V3.7.0.1092

      Everything seems to be good. Raid1 ok with my 2xSSD OCZ in IRSTe.

      But after some writing and hours I have some errors => raid1 failed nothing to do.

      I have to restart my computer to find my raid1 again and after that I can check errors in my Raid1 in IRSTe.
      But I have some corrupted files.


      Do you think I have to install Intel Rapid (RAID) instead of ?
      Or to plug SSD into Intel ports sata3G?
      Or I hope It's not an incompatibility with my OCZ SSD.


      I hope you could help me...





      update: With X79 it's better to use IRST 11.6 or 12.8 instead of Entreprise 3.6.