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    Halt on error v Always boot (no prompts - ever!)


      Thinking about digital signage applications using NUCs but we're seeing a problem with a couple of occasional BIOS prompts. One is something like 'Boot attempt failed. Do you want to enter setup (Y) or try the previous settings (N)' and the other is 'Previous boot failed. Do you want to disable fast boot on next attempt? (Y/N)'. While there might be legitimate reasons for these prompts in a remote, embedded system they are a killer. We can't (don't want to) fly someone out to Paris or Berlin just to hook up a USB keyboard and press 'Y'.


      We think we can workaround the fast boot one by just disabling the boot optimizations but is there any way to disable these prompts in general (or specify default answers). What we want is the system to boot always (if it can) or fail but never sit there waiting for input.


      As Yoda put it 'Do or do not... there is no try' (sort of)