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    Question: Floppy support in D975XBX2KR motherboard


      Hello everyone,


      I am planning my first computer and am interested in building a legacy machine, one that includes older interfaces while still supporting Windows 7 and more modern connections. One of my "requirements" is support for a 5.25 inch floppy disk drive. I thought it would be cool to build a system like that so I could collect older games and programs from the DOS and early Windows. I know that the 5.25" format is dead and support for them in the BIOS is all but null, but I'm the kind of person who says "Why not?".


      My search for a motherboard whose BIOS supports floppies has led me into looking at a used D975XBX2KR motherboard. From my research they are stable, reliable boards that supported good processors at the time (I estimate around 2007). It also has a floppy controller on board with a standard 34-pin floppy connector. However, I cannot confirm if it supports 5.25 inch floppies or not.


      I have checked extensively through the documentation on Intel's website trying to find out if it does or not. The Product Guide simply mentions that the user is to refer to the "BIOS settings glossary" webpage. On that page, there are two versions, Version 19 from 2012 and Version 13 from 2009. I'm assuming that the 2009 version is the one I want, but in the table that lists all of the motherboards that it applies to, the D975XBX2KR is not listed. In the Version 13 PDF it does confirm that generation of BIOS still supported 5.25 floppies, but I cannot confirm if this board falls under the Version 13 revision or not. I would like to do so before purchasing the used board.


      Does anyone know if the D975XBX2KR motherboard supports 5.25 floppies? If not, do you know how I may be able to find out?

      Thank you for assistance!