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    DH87RL bricked - need a 1:1 BIOS flash image (have a programmer)


      Dear everyone,


      a friend has bricked a DH87RL by trying to flash a new BIOS via the recovery method (provided a BIO file on a USB drive).

      The board does three beeps instead of POST (and nothing else), keeps cycling in those 3 beeps.

      Which normally would be a RAM error - except that the RAM previously worked fine, other RAM got tried, and there's no reason to suspect RAM.


      Conveniently, the SPI Flash ROM comes in a socket.

      Unfortunately, the .BIO image available from Intel is not a 1:1 Flash ROM chip image - rather, it's some kind of an archive that needs to be "extracted" (understood) by the flasher tool.


      What we need is a 1:1 image of the BIOS flash chip, for our SPI programmer to be any use.

      Could anyone help? The moderators from Intel maybe?

      Or, could anyone take a snapshot of theirs (on a healthy motherboard) using for instance the open-source Flashrom tool?

      (available for Linux and DOS).

      Even just the "recovery block" of the BIOS image would help, if it exists as a stand-alone "flashable object".


      Thanks in advance for any help :-)

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