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    Kit DE2i-150 Atom Boot problem


      I have a brand new Kit DE2i-150 and today it stops booting.

      I was using the FPGA with a simple module and, after I download the module into the FPGA, I rebooted the Yocto using only the command "reboot" at the terminal. After this, the OS didn't come back. No Video, No BIOS, No Beep...nothing. However, the FPGA layer is (apparently) working. The FPGA's start test is running, the FPGA's VGA returns video and when I download the ControlPanel sample, it (apparently) works.

      I didn't make any physical manipulation on the board. Only software manipulation.

      Does anybody here has this problem? Does anybody knows how to solve this?
      Thanks guys!

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          Technical support and information for such products is only available for registered computer manufacturers, vendors, or distributors of Intel products through the Intel® Premier Support Web site. If you have access to Intel Premier Support, please submit your questions there. If you are unsure if you have access to Intel Premier Support, please contact your Intel sales representative for assistance. Otherwise, request support from your motherboard manufacturer, computer manufacturer, or Intel® Authorized Distributor.


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