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    Intel Rapid Starage Technology is gone from my computer. What now?




      This thread is a duplicate of the one form the "Service" section, which was not been answered since. I see that much more is happening in this section, so I really hope I will get a solution to my problem:


      My Intel Rapid Storage Technology software is missing on my Lenovo laptop, Windows 8.


      The whole problem as I noticed began with a start-up message "Intel Rapid Storage Technology is not running". I then began doing a little research on this topic and found out, that I have to install the latest driver to the software. I downloaded it allright, the installation however did not go as expected, because of an error during the installation process. It wouldn't be that big of disappointment if not that I shortly after the installation failure couldn't find the Intel Rapid Storage Technology icon on the Task Manager... and I was aware of its existence there before the driver installation!


      I would like to restore the software. Please help. And sorry, english isn't my first language btw.




      PS: I don't know whether this proplem cause the update failures of Windows 8 which I struggle with [I get an code error that looks something like that: 0x800(...)]...?