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    Windows 8.1 and old ICH8M: reinstall drivers at every reboot?


      Hi all,


      Got a notebook that used to work like a charm with windows 8.0. After upograding to Windows 8.1 there's something strange going on...


      At first boot after upgrade I noticed that the system couldn't get on the network (device manager error 10 on my 3945ABG wireless card). Thinking of a wifi card driver problem I tried several versions with the same result.


      After a while I noticed even mu ATA Channel1 was signaling an "error 10" (bad parameter passed to driver or something like that).


      I tried to remove/reinstall both ATA and WiFi drivers, but it was stuck to error 10.


      Then I tried removing/reinstalling the chipset drivers (PCI Express port to which wifi card was connected, chipset ATA controller where ATA Channel 1 was) and, magic! both wifi and ATA were back to normal.


      I happily restarted my laptop and it went back to eerror 10 on wifi card and ATA channel 1...


      Tried latest inf files from download area to no avail. Devices (wifi card and ata channel) are working indeed, but I have to reinstall their hosting chipset features by hand at every reboot if I want them to work.




      PC is an old (2007...) Acer Aspire 5920G, equipped with ICH8M chipset. Obviously, Microsoft support and community didn't provide much help, nor did Acer...

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          This new operating system should already have all required drivers and software to recognize the hardware in that mature product

          You can test loading the latest Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility posted on this page:

          Download Center

          Other than that, you may try loading all Windows* updates for that system and check with Acer for drivers for your system, you could try their Microsoft* Windows* 8 drivers with compatibility mode just to test for example.

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            Thanks Diego,


            I agree that all the required drivers should already be included in Win8.1. And I actually think the problem is NOT the lack of the correct driver, since my computer can actually load those devices. The issue is, after a reboot my wireless card (Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG) doesn't start and I can see the error 10 in Device Manager.

            Trying to stop/start the wireless card itself would not solve. Uninstalling/reinstalling in Device manager would not solve.

            But if I uninstall the device which the wireless card is connected to (as in Device Manager, View, Devices by connection: the 3945ABG is attached to "Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 4 - 2845") and scan for hardware change to force PnP discovery... the system finds and installs both the "Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 4 - 2845" AND the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, and the wireless card doesn't show errors and loads fine. That means the driver works.

            Until next reboot... and the cycle repeats itself.


            Now this looks definitely like a nasty one, nothing similar found on TechNet/MSDN KB, Google didn't spot it either... could be an isolated issue that affects my computer only that *MIGHT* go away if I reinstall from scratch... But it's always worth asking...



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              You can try loading the drivers posted here in compatibility mode:

              Download Center

              If the issue persists, you may need to try with a operating system re-install or roll back to an operating system that is fully compatible with your system