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    Looking for BSP for Celeron 847




      Have the Intel NUC DCCP847DYE with the Celeron 847 processor.


      I would like to run Windows Embedded Compact 7 (not embedded standard 7).


      Where can I obtain the BSP for this processor, to use with WCE7?


      At the Windows BSP site, I don't see one specifically for the 847:  Board Support Packages | Windows Embedded Compact


      Is another listed there compatible?


      Also, is the Celeron 847 the same as the Pentium 4?


      (WCE7 does install with general x86 support selection, however, I am not sure if this is sufficient?)


      Thank You,


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          Hi IntelGreg,


          From our side the product is being sold without an Operating System. This BSP based on information I was able to find seems to be something related to a service that Microsoft is offering. My best recommendation is to contact MS and confirm with them if they will release any software as BSP for this processor.

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            Hi kevin_intel,


            Thank you for looking, very much appreciated.


            I will get with MS and see what they can release.


            It appears for now the general CECP BSP included with WEC7 will work for general CPU functionality but not audio and Ethernet....


            Thank You.