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    Docking station for NUC




      I haven't found any discussion anywhere about this and I thought the intel community would be the best way to maybe have a slight chance of getting this forwarded to intel personnel. I have this idea of a NUC docking station concept similar to USB docking stations for HDD's, you know like these: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41P4voF1jxL._SY300_.jpg


      The idea is that if you have two or more desktop workstations, say one at home and one at work, you would have a NUC dock at every place connected to a display etc. I would love this and favor it over having an ultrabook as you wouldn't pay double the amount just to get a screen that dies after 3 years and also you can change the internals easily. Sure this portability could work already but having to disconnect and connect 3-4 cables (hdmi, power, ethernet, usb-drive) everytime you switch your work station is not encouraging. I know there are usb 3 docking stations (expensive) that would only require plugging/unplugging 2 cables each time but I'd rather use the integrated graphics. What do you think of this idea?

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          I like the idea of a dock like that.  I love my NUC but I have it mounted on the back of my monitor.  Since I regularly use the USB ports I have a USB hub connected and sitting by the monitor.  I would love to have something like what you suggested or even something that plugs into the NUC and sits apart from it with memory card slots and usb ports (with the Haswell model a headphone jack as well).


          I'll pass this on to the NUC team.  They're an innovative bunch so they may be looking into it or something like it.



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            Thanks! An external unit would work great too as long as it only requires one cable between the nuc and the docking station. Do you think you can make a connection type for all that? I know that thunderbolt is powerful but would a thunderbolt docking station be able to "passthrough" video and not use an external GPU like the usb 3 docking stations I've seen?


            My scenario is that I use my desktop PC's for music production and some occasional video editing and I have two almost identical pc's, one at home and one in my little studio. I have never liked the fragmentation you get by having two or more OS installations on separate machines. Now I have solved this pretty good by always having both PC's on and syncing all my folders on the d: drive so they are always identical but I would prefer to only have one portable system and have it sync to a NAS. I have considered the surface pro 2 with the new docking station but that is going to be much more expensive than a NUC. With the new NUC models with haswell and hd5000 you get more performance for half the price of a surface pro or any other ultrabook in the same price range.