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    P4308CP4MHGC fans randomly take off to full speed


      Installed the above server early August for a customer, three times how I have received a call that the case fans are all running at full speed. Twice when they came in to the office for start of the day, once when they came back from lunch.

      Windows is fully up and operational. There is no evidence the server rebooted though both times it occurred in the morning it was after Microsoft's monthly Tuesday updates.

      A reboot resolves, however the customer literally freaks out each time and wants a warranty replacement, they do not seem to understand it is not a defective unit.

      When I build the unit, I updated all the Intel software (drivers and BIOS), today I look and there is only a "Power budget and thermal configuration tool" under updates, nothing else. and it is an .xlsm file. I don't have Excel on a server.