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    Galileo with Mega connector instead of UNO


      One thing that I mentioned at the Hillsboro Intel Makers meeting at the library was that it would be nice if Galileo had an Arduino Mega connector instead of an UNO connector.  This would give use access to a lot more pins.


      What do you think?

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          It would be nice, it's very frustraiting to need a few more pins for a project. Galileo was designed to be affordable and put it in the same price range as most of the other boards. So I have to wonder how much would adding the additional components increase the price of the board. Since you can slave a mega board off the galileo (or so I've been told) and many projects can be done with just whats on galileo, I feel like most of the pins wouldn't be used very often.

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            Clayton Hofrock

            I believe with the current implementation that it is not possible to have more I/O pins, which is the main difference between an Uno and a Mega.


            This is something that I am sure they will consider when doing the next revision of the quark product.