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    Server Board SE7500CW2 Max Drive Size

      I have an older server still plugging away with 120gb hard drives. I was wondering if the motherboard could support larger IDE hard drives? I was thinking of plugging in two 250gb drives.


      I know it has the with ICH3-S controller but can't find anything about limitations.


      Does anyone have larger drives than 120gb in theirs, or know the max size?


      hanks in advance.

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          Hi there,


          Since this is an end of life board, it is quite difficult find the information. I tried to check in the chipset datasheet, unfortunately it was a dead link.



          Anyway, i have checked in the tested hardware list, there are drives like 160gb, 180gb and 200gb that were validated by Intel. So far, i cannot see any reason why it wont work.


          Hopefully someone who has tried that and confirmed it to you.


          One more thing the only problem that was known was:

          Windows 2000 did not display the full size of the sata drive >137size, but this was fixed by the latest bios.


          All the best,