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    Real World Performance of the Wireless-AC 7260




      I almost hate to say it but I have no obvious problems with the AC 7260.  I've swapped out my N 7260 with this upgraded card in a new Yoga 2 Pro and it appears to be stable and working well.


      I am seeing some performance variability though and thought I would ask to see what others are seeing from their cards - when they are working!


      For testing purposes I've got the laptop set to high performance and I am about 20 feet away from the access point, a Netgear R7000.  I'm transferring a single 40GB iso image and reporting the numbers I'm getting from the Windows 8.1 UI.


      My connection fluctuates between 390 megabits/sec and 562 megabits/sec, I see it mostly on 520 but my actual data throughput is much lower, between 24 and 40 megabytes/sec.  To me that 40 Megabytes/sec equates to about a 400 mbit/sec link so I'm wondering where the lost bandwidth may be going - or is this just an example of 'real world' and I'm doing pretty well????