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    120gb 330 x2 raid0 performance question

    dave diamond

      Not that this is a complaint of any sort, more of a curiosity.

      After updating chipset and IRST, 

      My first HDtune bencmark averaged 1050: a nearly absolute horizontal line across the entire chart. It started initially at about 900, then after 1 or two seconds, ramped up to 1050 and stayed there for the duration.


      After picking my jaw up off the floor, some months have passed, and some light use, i can't seem to achieve such a high benchmark any longer


      Not that this is anything to complain about at a new lower average of 900mb/s ,  but  the first 1/2 of the now consistently lower benchmark chart produces a lower varying rate , and the last half for the most part is constant at 1050 (with one short slowdown).   Repeating the test each month delivers an identical result, so i can't chalk it up to TSR or caching, and it's always slower for the first 1/2 (well, slower compared to the original bench).  The original bench stood solid for a few months.  I can't think of anything I changed, or did, which might be the cause.


      Slowing down overtime i understand is normal?  Should it start so soon?


      I'm simply curious, i guess, if this is normal, or a bug in win764,  or possibly some settings glitch somewhere?  I've already ruled out user error of course!!!

      I'm impressed beyond belief with these SSD, and would like to learn a bit more about what to expect in the future, as i will soon be torturing them fully and completely. I have 2 benchmark screenshots i could upload if my description is too confusing.


      thanks in advance for any thoughts and comments.