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    DG33BU BSOD only with 2 sticks of memory (2gb DDR2 800)

      Ok well I have had this problem with blue screens for a while now since I built my comp. Had an issue with a 8800gt that was in there. Sent it in, had it fixed and I figured that was the only problem (artifacts and bsods) well it wasnt. They fixed the artifacting on it but the BSODs are still there. Right now my specs are:


      Core 2 Duo E6550

      Intel DG33BU motherboard

      2gb OCZ gold 800 (2x1gb)

      Antec Earthwatts 500w

      WD 250gb Sata2

      XFX 8800gt


      Ok so I have been doing some testing on the system and I think its the motherboard that is having the issue. I have testing using prime95 and memtest86. Both fail with both sticks in (in slots 1 and 3) and both work fine with only one stick of ram in there at a time (1gb). Gaming, is usually smooth on less intense games (like wow or an older game) but newer games that take up a lot more ram while playing can cause random blue screens at random times usually after playing for a little while (like 30 mins to an hour). So my question is, is there something wrong with my mobo or is there something else going on here?


      Here is a link to some pics I took of the ram and some temps at idle.







      Let me know what you all think!

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          What is the BSOD error code? you know teh STOP 0x0007fb....etc, that would be the first thing i would investigate, then also have a look in the windows events viewer.

          Also you say that with one stick of memory it works: is it always the same stick of memory that works fine?have you tested both individually with memtest for a long time?Did they comeas a pair?And have you set the timmings and voltages for them in the BIOS correctly?

          Also what OS are you using?

          At teh moment I don't really think you can say it's the motherboard at all.