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    HD Graphics disables laptop monitor

    Christophe De Troyer

      Hello. Here I am. Again.


      I've just had some issues with Windows 8.1 driver-wise, so I wisely downgraded back to Windows 8.


      I've installed the most recent - and now the version before - Intel drivers for my system. I also installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my system.


      The issue I'm having is this:


      I have a laptop with a VGA (not HDMI) display connected to it. When I connect it before I boot (as I always used to do) the laptop show it's bootscreen and GRUB on my external display. It show the Windows logo on the external display and then everything goes black, like it's expecting me to see my login screen on the main display of the laptop. By this I mean my external display sitting idle.The laptop monitor is not showing black, it's just fully turned off.

      My system thinks it's on, because when I click, type my password, press enter, it boots into Windows, with my laptop monitor still turned off. Windows also thinks my display is connected though.


      When I don't connect the display, and only connect it when I'm in Windows everything works fine.


      Could this be resolved by a setting of some sort?







      Asus n56vz

      GPU: Nvidia 650M (GeForce R331 Version 331.58)

      CPU: Intel Core I7 with HD Graphics 4000 (Driver according to device manager:, According to installer:


      I have no VIRTU installed, since it never was.





      I have found an older driver that does work. The version of this driver:

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 seems to be an OEM driver as I do not see it posted in our web site (at least no longer on it).

          Using our generic drivers, versions 3257, 3165 or 3071 @ Download Center,have you checked which display is set as the primary display in that configuration?

          Or when you have that "black screen issue", have you tried pressing the designated key in your keyboard to toggle between the screens? (the key or combination of keys may depend on your Original Equipment Manufacturer, and some systems do not have that option)

          In addition, have you tried updating your system BIOS and set defaults on it?