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    Does the Haswell NUC support DEVSLP ?


      As DEVSLP is supposedly a big feature of Haswell in portable devices (I travel a lot, so need light compact computing), I am surprised to see neither the D54250WYK Product Brief or Specification state it has DEVSLP.  Neither do any of the 3 reviews I have seen.   So I then search info on DEVSLP.  One source stated it needs Win8x which is disappointing as I want to avoid W8 (& glare screens) and use W7 Pro 64-bit.  Another source contradicted that, stating DEVSLP is based on support from the motherboard, so it is independent of the operating system. As the first PR about DEVSLP said it needed Haswell, I would have thought as the CPU does not control SATA directly, DEVSLP must ALSO be supported by the mobo Chipset, if not ALSO by the BIOS.   If the 2nd statement is true, then surely it must require all Haswell motherboards to state if they support DEVSLP ?      It follows, that if Intel tried hard to overcome mSATA overheating probs that occur on the IVB NUC, for Haswell NUC they will have enabled DEVSLP as that will drastically reduce temperature in the minicard area.


      so my question is does the D54250WYK use DEVSLP in both W7 (&W8x) ?


      I read devices can transition in/out of DEVSLP v. fast.  So I would also like to know if DEVSLP is active during normal device idle state. i.e in common scenarious when a NUC is just waiting for user input.  


      Does the user have control over how DEVSLP operates in the BIOS ?    and are the D54250WYK BIOS pages/settings described in a document one can download ?


      Thank you

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          Good morning,


          Hope this helps some? I know it doesn't address your question directly.


          For those with past SSD purchases, the bad news is that the DEVSLP feature requires both a hardware and firmware change in the build of an SSD.  All but the most recent SSDs are not compatible and the only consumer SSD that we know of right now is the Plextor m5M mSATA SSD.



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            Thanks for that, but as nothing yet has been bought, indeed, with the D54250WYK being reviewed over a month ago, and  numerous vendors listing it, I had assumed it was available to buy, so I had only a few queries like a list of testes compatible SSDs and the above before pulling the trigger.  As the 530 Intel fitted to all review models is still not yet for sale, I had researched the few low 'Idle' power alternatives, like Plextor M5M & Sandisk X110, and it seem all recent mSATAs I have seen announced since last CES have DEVSLP in their specs, which is another reason I was surprised not to see it in the Haswell NUC spec.

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              Hello paul456,


              The Haswell NUCs do not support the DEVSLP feature.


              DEVSLP is a function to allow mSATA SSDs to enter a lower power state than typical Link Power Management will allow, potentially giving you about 0.05 W of power saving.  This is of much more value to a battery powered system.


              DEVSLP would have required an additional signal connected to the mSATA connector; but that signal is not connected on the Haswell NUCs.   We have measured low power configurations of the Haswell NUCs at approximately 4.5W; an additional 0.05W reduction would be barely measurable.



              Lois H.