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    Problem updating z2760-based tablets to windows 8.1


      Hi there..


      I have problems with the Graphics Media Accelerator not responding when going in and out of sleep mode on two different CloverTrail-based tablets; the Elitepad 900 from HP, and the Lenovo Tablet 2.


      Both tablets show prolonged "black screen" when going out of sleep as well as a message in the corner notifying me that the driver has stopped responding and has recovered. sometimes even multicolor static on the screen before recovering.


      The Elitepad also suffers from the "classical" Event id: 41 power kernel failure. I've tweaked the power options at no avail.


      So.. I realise from this chart: 4th Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablet Overview that technically Windows 8.1 is unsupported on CloverTrail. It is though really frustrating considering the fact that we've been waiting for 8.1 so long and have purchased the tablets because of the update.


      So what im asking is. Are you guys planning to update the chipset to make it win 8.1 compatible? Atom-based tablets and win 8.1 rocks