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    Is there a bios fix for RealTek NIC on DG41TY?


      I have been seeing odd issue with the onboard RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller of the 3 DG41TY motherboards I have.


      If I warm boot the machine sometimes the network card will not show up as a selectable device to boot from.  However if cold boot the machine the network card will show as available as a boot device.


      I am also seeing times when I do warm boots, the network device will disappear from the Operating System until I do a cold boot.


      I am primarily using Debian Lenny on the machines.

      BIOS shipped and still installed is: TYG4110H.86A.0016.2008.1026.2040


      I see there are a couple revisions of BIOS released since this version, but the only LAN issues I see in the release notes deal with Wake on LAN.