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    S1200KRP beep codes, no video



        I just assembled new system of S1200KPR, XEON E3-1220L V2 and 2xCORSAIR 4GB DDR3 PC10666 1333MHZ but the problem is that the system wouldn't start ,  alI  I get is 2 beeps followed by pause and then tho more so 4 in total. According to this article  (Desktop Boards — BIOS beep codes) same behavior on desktop boards indicates wrong cpu (no Intel graphic support) on the mb but as far as I can understand this mb has integrated graphics.

      The documentation is a bit confusing to me moreover I failed to find S1200KPR beep codes description.

      Need to say that I tested with another known working memory and also there is no other peripherals attached to the system.

      Anyway I would be grateful is somebody could help me with this - do I need additional graphic card or the problem is somewhere else.