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    525 msata SSD not recognized by DH87MC


      I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 running without any problems for about a month on a system based on DH87MC with 8GB ram, Samsung 840 pro, and WD 1TB Green.


      Yesterday, I installed a 180GB 525 ssd on the msata port planning to move the boot partition from the Samsung ssd to the 525.  Intel Data Migration failed to install complaining that no Intel SSD was present.


      After powering down the system and re-seating the 525, I entered the bios to verify that the 525 was displayed.  Data Migration again failed to install.  I rebooted the system.  This time the bios showed the msata was “not installed”.  I powered down the system again, disconnected the Samsung ssd and the WD hard drive, leaving only the DH87MC, 8GB ram, the 525, and optical drive.


      After verifying that the 525 is showed on the bios, I tried to install the OS, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, directly on the 525.  The installation failed at “Copying files 0%” and “Expanding files 1%” with an error message stating that the files are missing.  I redid the whole power down thing and retry the installation with a different installation dvd.  This time Windows 7 installation showed that some partitions have already been created. I deleted the partitions and retry the installation.  It again failed at the same point.


      After several  tries with similar dismal results, I gave up.  I removed the 525, reconnected the Samsung 840 pro and WD hard drive, and the system booted up without any problems.  Actually I am typing this message on the same computer that had trouble recognizing the 525 ssd.  I thought of getting the ssd exchanged but after searching online and learning that other users have reported similar issues with DH87MC and the 525 ssd, I decided to post here for Intel's advice.


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      Added system info:
           Geil Evo Leggera DDR3 4GB x 2
           Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 550W    
           Samsung 840 pro 256GB
           WD Caviar Green 1TB
           Windows 7 Ultimate x64