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    Ethernet Library performance issue


      , Hi all,

      I have discovered a performance issue in the available() function of client when data are not present to be read.


      This is the test code:


      void loop() {


        EthernetClient client = server.available();


        if (client) {


          Serial.println("new client");


          while (client.connected()) {


           unsigned long startTime = millis();


            if (client.available()) {


              char c = client.read();




           unsigned long endTime = millis();


           Serial.print("Time out "); Serial.println((endTime-startTime));





          Serial.println("client disonnected");




      When running on Galileo the timeout printed is about: 5005 ms, when running on Arduino Mega 2560 the timeout printed is about: 0/1 ms.


      As you can immagine, this long time spent on the available() function has a tremendous impact on the performances of all the sketch.


      Is there anything to do for reducing the timeout of the function ?