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    Recompiling Linux Image and Configuring WiFi




      I made a few Intel Galileo related posts in my blog that could be interesting to this forum:


      Intel Galileo - Introduction

      Introduction to Galileo. Technical specifications, etc. At the end I also describe how to build a serial cable and use a serial console with Galileo.


      Intel Galileo - Building Linux Image

      I shortly go through steps required to rebuild Linux Image, and then show how to build a Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliant image with software development tools. (So that you can compile your programs directly on Galileo)


      Intel Galileo Meets Wireless

      I describe hardware setup and Linux configuration for wireless networking on Galileo


      Hope this will be helpful. Suggestions are welcome.




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          This is great.


          intel_jorge / maryc_intel  - can you get the pre-built image posted on the site as an additional download? I faced errors during bitbake (which takes several hours to run) and having this would make it a lot easier.

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            Many thanks to Sergey for his excellent guides to Galileo! A star you most definitely are!


            For anyone embarking on the local build of Yocto, there are a couple of GOTCHA's in the build, seems that an old version of source for ELF is on the GIT repository, this will lead to build errors and requires edits to 2 of the source files replacing "%a" with "%m" in 2 places in the first failing file, and, once in the second failing file. I apologise for not recording the names, but, when it fails you will get all the information you need!


            The other major fail is in the module GUILE, I tried to sort the local source but gave up and downloaded the latest source from repository and it all built in the end.


            It is a long time since I messed about with these things, (1990's), I thought that modern CVS had cracked all of these issues many years ago! Nope! Seems that the GIGO and Linux are still very much alive!

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              Do not apply the update to Ubuntu is the solution for my problem! This only works with Ubuntu 12.04.