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    Intel HD Graphics crashing when selecting the "support and options" button




      I recently noticed that when selecting the "support and options" button in the Intel HD Graphics interface, I get a "GFxUI has stopped working" error message, and the Intel application crashes. Previously HD Graphics had been working fine on my Core i3-based laptop over the past 3 years. Besides this crash problem, I also noticed that I had lesser video quality recently.


      My laptop is a Toshiba, but someone else got the exact same problem 18 months ago with an HP machine equipped with a Radeon 7690M XT graphics card :

      GfxUI stops working after selecting Options and Support ****... - HP Support Forum - 1454059

      So this is not a hardware-specific problem. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit in both cases.

      All Intel and Microsoft software and drivers are up to date.


      Recently I got another error message from GfxUI, with "Process ID = 0x14a8 (5288)" and "Thread ID = 0x15a8 (5544)"


      Anyone with an idea where this comes from ?