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    Is my d865perl motherboard broken?


      I know it is fairly hard to determine if a motherboard is broken without the proper equipment but is there any suggestions?


      The reason is I just got a new PSU (atx12v 300w) and I can run the computer but I get no response from the monitor, it just flickers it's LED as it would if the computer was turned off. The reason I think it is broken is because I've tried two separate video cards (however they are old) in the AGP slot but with no success. I'd try the actual motherboard's video card as well but unfortunately both DVI plugs are male (which makes me wonder, why is the motherboard's input male?) One thing that could be attributing to this problem is my panel wiring may be in incorrect spaces. I tried to follow the Quick Reference PDF on my motherboard as well as examples I could find on google but the only way my computer would turn on would be a certain wiring that isn't alike either. Also for some reason despite the Quick Reference being for my particular motherboard there was small variations in the panel configuration. The only way I can even get it to turn on is to have the Power LED aligned with the other panels not by itself. My USB connection should be wired correctly, and I skipped both front panel audio and IEEE, I think all of that is irrelevant at this point anyways.


      Just to clarify with everyone, the specific monitor I am using DOES work, as I have tested it on a separate working computer. As far as I'm concerned all signs point to it [the mobo] being broken but I don't want to scrap it without being sure.


      Two more things:

      1) Tomorrow I should be able to get a few pictures up if that could potentially help.

      2) Is the new PSU I bought universal for all new Intel motherboards regardless of the socket? If not what is it up to?



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          great board! i used to have one... until it broke .

          best thing to do is to try to boot it up without any GFX card or memory to see if the board Beeps three times, if it beeps it means that the processor and board are still 'mostly' alive and the problem could be with the memory or gfx card or another component on the board.



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            So I just removed the RAM and all components from the AGP and PCI slots, turned it on and got no beeps. Then tried removing the CMOS battery and putting it back in with no success. So I'm guessing it is pretty safe to assume it is broken?


            One other quick questions, when the motherboard breaks does the processor tend to go with it? Or can it be salvaged?

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              well its safe to assume that either the board or the processor is fault!

              i would put my money on the board being faulty.



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                The Pentium 4 (LGA478) processor can be salvaged but I do not see the reason why you would want to since processors nowadays have 2 cores (LGA775). I'm currently using a D865PERL with a P4 2.4A and I must say it is good for basic web surfing with no adobe flash. Soon LGA1366 processors will be out and the LGA478 will be obsolete.

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